This successful financial blogger earns 181330 dollars a month from a blog

If you look at his May 2017 earnings of $181,330 you will realise that blogging is  becoming a alternative a regular job.  Earning that kind of money at age 27 if surely quite a feat for Sean. He writes a financial blog called the “the money wizard” where he earns this income.

Sean was featured on yahoo recently and said

"Probably what's most driving me [to retire early] -- I just want freedom," he told Business Insider. "So many people get caught up in the race of materialism, thinking that next house or next car is what will make them happy. I think happiness comes from freedom. I just want to be able to do what I want, without financial worry."

According to his blog , he is not only earning online but is also got a  daytime job , he says - I’ve worked as a banker and financial analyst, earning between $50,000-$70,000.

Here is what sean has to say about his blog

“I'm the Money Wizard, a 20-something who started this blog after I saved $100,000 by age 25. After watching most of my friends start down a quick path to financial destruction, I created the Money Wizard community to share everything I've learned so far and to interact with others interested in reaching financial wizardy.

How to earn money from a financial blog 

Sean's blog is over here -

His earnings  are as below
(snapshot from his blog )

Link here-  Net worth

If you browse sean's blogs, you will not only make him some money possibly  but also learn  how he makes money. Blog success often depends  on many different factors like  blog design, SEO, Great written content, getting authority backlinks  and much more. 

Learn from his blog and you  can know what to aim and strive for. Good luck  to your success!

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